Бродифакум инструкция

бродифакум инструкция
Other signs of toxicity include anxiety, discomfort leading to frantic pacing, staggering and weakness, difficulty breathing, and convulsions.15,22 Humans also experience vomiting, excitement, chills, shortness of breath and coughing, delirium, convulsions, and coma. One hundred blocks were put in culverts and weekly, during two months, three blocks were retreated and submitted to extraction and the extract analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography for quantification of active ingredient. Citen diversos estudis que indiquen enverinements secundaris d’ocells rapinyaires i de mamífers per la gran persistència d’aquest plaguicida en les espècies que no són pas l’objectiu d’aplicació. Also, the possibility of anaphylactoid reaction cannot be excluded when vitamin K1 injection is administered parentally. There are a number of rodenticides that are not anticoagulants, and these work in different ways. Signs of poisoning may last for weeks because cholecalciferol can be stored in the body and its breakdown products are removed slowly.21 Exposed people experience unusual thirst and increased urination.

Бродифакум смертелен для грызунов даже при разовом питании приманкой. Also some pesticides can be absorbed by its roots and distributed to all plant tissues, accumulating in different organs although we have not encountered this phenomenon with coumatetralyl rodenticide [12], but it is a possibility that should be considered. This enzyme is needed for the reconstitution of the vitamin K in its cycle from vitamin K-epoxide, and so brodifacoum steadily decreases the level of active vitamin K in the blood. The vomit may smell like garlic and may contain blood. Secondary poisoning is caused by eating poisoned prey. It may also be called relay toxicosis. This fact sheet will discuss zinc phosphide, bromethalin, cholecalciferol, and strychnine.

Sudden death with no obvious clinical signs is also possible. Vitamin K and fresh plasma was administered to treat symptoms. 3 weeks later she returned with bleeding into her calf, and was subsequently tested for superwarfarin chemicals. Each of these pesticides works in a different way.

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