Вспышка янгнуо 560 ii инструкция

вспышка янгнуо 560 ii инструкция
See also: What are the Yongnuo flash naming conventions? Above I just share my experience when trying to do HSS with the YN560-III. If you have any comments please add them below. NOTE: the YN560-III must be set to FULL POWER so that they can do HSS. Like most other speedlites (and speedlights) it can be pointed directly upward in order to bounce it off of a ceiling or any other surface. These all are expensive and you end up needing thousands of dollars to do HSS flash in the normal way. Независимая для каждой группы ручная настройка масштабирования в диапазоне 24-105mm.

Ports The YN-560 III has the same High Voltage battery port, and PC sync port as the previous YN-560 models. Adjusting power is simple and easy to understand, with a nice LCD screen to confirm settings. Первое, что бросается в глаза в новом поколении вспышек Yongnuo – исключительное качество. Using Other Radio Triggers If you already own another set of manual radio triggers, you may be able to combine those as well.

But the image is clean from edge to edge. I increase the shutter speed to 1/4000s and 1/8000s. Again, the image get darker, but the illumination in the image is even and there is no dark area on the frame at all. Canon where basically the first to recently introduce radio based remote triggering into their own speedlite system, which has been extremely successful. Also full zoom head from 24mm to 105mm. This would be a practical application of this flash in normal use. The YN-560II flash is manual only and has no radio triggers built in, so you must add a radio receiver to each light, and a transmitter to trip the lights. RF-603II units are transceivers and can be both transmitters or receivers. Сначала это были странные изделия вроде YN465, а теперь вполне конкурентоспособные продукты.

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