Гигасет а 510 инструкция

Page 52: Service (customer Care) Service (Customer Care) You have questions? As a Gigaset customer, you can take advantage of our comprehensive serv- ice offerings. The base settings are carried out using a reg- istered Gigaset handset. Press 2 again ¤ Delete Announcement to resume. §OK§ Press the display key to confirm the prompt.

Page 3: Gigaset A510/a510a – Your High-quality Accessory Gigaset A510/A510A – your high-quality accessory Gigaset A510/A510A – your high-quality accessory Congratulations on your purchase of this latest generation Gigaset. Reactivating the ringer Press and hold the star key. Page 38: Deleting Messages Operating the Gigaset A510A base answering machine Deleting an announcement Stopping and controlling playback ¤ Voice Mail ¤ Announcements During message playback: §Menu§ Pause playback.
This enables us to provide you with even better service regarding questions or a warranty claim. Navigate to “Settings” ⇒ “Firmware Update” and press “Update firmware” and follow the onscreen information. Page 43: Eco Dect ECO DECT ECO DECT Activate/deactivate Eco Mode: ¤ Settings ¤ Eco Mode §Menu§ §OK§ Press the display key.

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