Инструкция в игре farming simulator 2013

инструкция в игре farming simulator 2013
With that managed, we then quickly drive back to Field 29, line our tractor up so that we are driving down an imaginary line that covers half the field, lower and turn on the sprayer, and slowly spray half the field. Potatoes* — A food crop that is also useful for producing Vodka (just saying). Sugar Beet* — A crop that is processed into beet sugar. Canola — AKA Rape or Rapeseed, this is used to make Canola Oil.

The crop growing mechanics have been altered, to allow different ways to increase crop yield. Start/stop driver Manually start or stop the current driver. If stopped, the driver will wait until being called to start again. The scanner also features a manual scan setting: drive onto the field, and use the corresponding buttons and orders to create and save your custom field edge path. Now you can either take the cargo of wheat back to your farm and store it in a wheat silo, or check the prices in the market to see which one pays the most for wheat. Retrieved March 7, 2017. ^ «Farming Simulator 2008 — Giant Bomb». . Start point, waypoints, filling trigger, overloading point and stop point in the liquid manure transport modeThe driver will continue from the waiting/overloading point as soon as the tool is empty.

Progress in your career to complete different missions and control more than a hundred farming vehicles! The dynamic ground makes the whole game more realistic! Have a lot of fun with Farming Simulator. The pages’ titles are displayed as a tooltip.

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