Инструкция для phantom vr

инструкция для phantom vr
When initiated the aircraft will first take off if required, then proceed to the designated relative position as indicated in the settings. It will then move as the subject moves. Orbit Speed: Controls the speed of the autonomous Orbit around the tracked object. You can either let the quadcopter itself do the hard work (by using the auto takeoff and landing feature of the DJI Go app) or take manual control, using the control stick. Shown when «Aircraft Rotation» is enabled and a custom «Joystick Reference» is selected.

Enter the Panorama mode by pressing the Flight Mode icon at the top left of the Litchi screen. Please stay tuned to the DJI Official Store or contact your local authorized dealer for details.7. What mounts does the Extension Rod support?The Extension Rod supports the bicycle mount, the universal mount, the mobile-phone holder, the extension rod and other accessories. The Phantom 2 version of Orbit is available as in-app purchase. The National Park Service also has a drone ban in place, so state parks, national parks, and monuments are a no-go zone for your new drone. We recommend double checking before flying and adding a good dose of common sense.

The 3-axis gimbal can be flattened and locked, and the orientation of the tilt motor has been changed. Stopping a mission Stopping a mission can be done by switching the RC S1 switch from top position to middle position and then back to top position. You can also use the RC’s gimbal wheel to adjust to subject height while in flight. The possibilities are endless and it’s the ultimate drones for kids weekend project. Cookbook Cable Cam — by Chris 1. Interpolate Method General Settings Set Custom Button 1 to «Waypoint at Aircraft» Mission Settings Set Cruising Speed to 0 and RC Speed to the highest speed you want the aircraft to travel.

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