Инструкция к игре слипинг догс

инструкция к игре слипинг догс
Retrieved October 7, 2013. ^ a b Makuch, Eddie (September 23, 2014). «Sleeping Dogs Dev Reveals PC Open-World Action Game Triad Wars». PC Gamer. The special edition included the «George St. Pierre (GSP) Pack», the «Police Protection Pack» and the «Martial Arts Pack». A «Deep Undercover Pack» was also available to Walmart Canada and Hong Kong PSN pre-orders as well as the «HK Exclusive» PC retail version. However, due to the game’s high development budget, delays and Activision wanting to focus on online games that had a larger margin, the game was again cancelled in February 2011 much to the frustration of the True Crime fanbase.

For saving his life, Uncle Po promotes Wei to the rank of Red Pole and succeeds Winston as leader of the Water Street Gang. At the request of Winston’s mother, Mrs. Retrieved May 17, 2012. ^ Moriarty, Colin (August 14, 2012). «Sleeping Dogs Review». IGN. Retrieved October 11, 2014. ^ Kohler, Chris (August 14, 2012). «Review: Unpolished Sleeping Dogs Tells a Riveting Crime Story». Wired. Retrieved August 5, 2012. ^ Garratt, Patrick (June 27, 2012). «Sleeping Dogs to penalise civilian murder in Japan». VG247. Retrieved June 28, 2012. ^ Hussain, Tamoor (June 27, 2012). «News: Sleeping Dogs censored in Japan: Civilian brutality punished». Computer and Video Games.

Retrieved September 21, 2012. ^ «DLC Packs». Square Enix. Всё в лучшем стиле! Но опять же убрали возможность прыжка, но заместо него поставили целый паркур — это неплохо! Retrieved December 22, 2012. ^ Karmali, Luke (December 17, 2012). «Sleeping Dogs DLC Pays Homage to Classic Kung Fu». IGN. Ziff Davis. Настоящее имя она скрывает, но сказала, что она — не Пинг (которого Вэй искал), после чего Вэй в шутку записал её в телефоне именно так.

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