Инструкция к лего 31004

инструкция к лего 31004
The first model is hovercraft built out of set 9394. I built it for alternative model build contest before Christmas. Mostly it’s just modification of original hot rod. Bad news is I have less and less time for designing new models and creating instructions so number of updates will be bit smaller than now. December 24, 2011 — PF 2012 November 25, 2011 — News on buildinst As I said last time I’ve prepaired few new features for you on website.

Просто выполните поиск по теме или году, и вы найдете инструкции по сборке для устаревших и новых наборов. Cab also features adjustable driver’s seat. It’s interesting that it took me two weeks to build this bulldozer but it took me about one month to create instructions for it.Finally I’d like to ask you once more to fill this little survey if you haven’t done it yet. Then I’ve begun creating articulated wheel loader that finished same as skidder. Инструкции по сборке Найдите инструкции по сборки LEGO® онлайн Ищите инструкции по сборке LEGO®? Вы попали в правильное место! Мы хотим, чтобы вы весело проводили время и начали собирать наборы прямо сейчас. Then I’d like to invite you to exhibition in castle Klterec nad Oh (Czech Republic). Exhibition is opened during weekends till end of January 2015. You can see big railway, Lego City sets from present and past and many other models besides my alternates there. Playability — model which you can just place on shelf receives one point and five points represents model with many functions or accessories and that is also solid enough so you can play with it.

Currently I work on building instructions for helicopter from set 8048 and I prepare instructions for other animals from set 4916 too. New web is almost completely programmed now. It just needs me to upload content. I hope I’ll find enough time to finish it soon.June 29, 2015 — Brief report I’m going to be brief this time and introduce you new models and plans for summer shortly. Staat de bouwtekening die u zoekt niet in de lijst hieronder? Let’s mention for example single cylinder engine powered by rear wheel, functional stand, steering and so on. Recently I plan to built tracked vehicle with mechanical arm and remote control but I have problems with chassis so we’ll see. January 25, 2012 — New alternate built out of set 8041 I’ve read somewhere that 8041 is the worst set ever in Lego Technic series and it should had been released in Racers series.

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