Инструкция к fellowes ps-67cs

инструкция к fellowes ps-67cs
The switch contains two pyramid-shaped icons—one with a line drawn across it and one without a line. These shredders require the safety interlock switch in the shredder head to be tripped by a piece of plastic on the inside of the basket. Your shredder will start running in reverse and any paper present in the top portion of the device will start coming out. Switching the shredder to reverse, then forward repeatedly, allowing the shredder to run for a few seconds each time, may clear the jam. If not, pull the paper out carefully to clear the jam. X We use cookies to improve our services and to make your offers related to your preferences. If you continue browsing, we will consider that you allow us to use them.

Select a product category and enter a search term. Plug in the power cable after clearing the jam. Full Answer If a small Fellowes personal shredder does not come on and the red light on the machine is lit, it is possible that the wastebasket needs emptying. If the shredder head isn’t seated correctly, a safety interlock switch may have been tripped. Sin embargo, en casos especialmente malos, es posible que la trituradora se atasque de nuevo al funcionar en reversa. En este caso, vuelve a desenchufar la trituradora, colócala en “auto” o “adelante” (la opción precisa puede variar en tu trituradora) y vuelve a enchufarla. Repeat this step slowly until the shredder is free of any paper trapped in the top portion of the device. Los pliegues, las arrugas y los dobleces pueden fácilmente atascar una trituradora ya que esencialmente cada una duplica la cantidad de papel efectiva que tiene que pasar de golpe.

Place the shredder’s power switch in the «R» position and hold the switch down. Lift the shredder’s head and pull the jammed paper or other object from the shredder. The jamming may be happening because the cutting cylinder needs to be oiled. << Browse Help Topics Need Help? If you need additional help, please contact our helpful customer service department: Popular Help Topics Most Recent Topics. Top brands of schredders are Fellowes, Rexel, Home & Office, Canon, Brother, Fujifilm and Digitus.

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