Инструкция на frog zero 88

инструкция на frog zero 88
While the packaging was underwhelming being shipped in a plain brown box, once I got my hands on it everything seemed to ooze quality. Therefore the FLX is a very exciting release and shows a renewed interest in the development of ZerOS and the Zero 88 brand in general.My first impression of the FLX was the excellent build quality and the premium look and feel of the product. Incoming MIDI signals enable the control of channels or submasters.

There’s the Colour mixer, which offers virtual faders on the touch screen for RGB, CMY and HSV values. With 10 pages giving 240 playbacks, you’ll go insane trying to keep track of where everything is. It would have been lovely to see motorised faders too so you could hop between pages and have your faders keep track of where they were. Some of the features are a bit broken, some don’t work at all and other areas are still in need of a lot of work. These are things that I hope we might see in a future revision and the fact they aren’t included is clearly to keep costs down so they can be forgiven. The Jester ML24 & ML48 also offer direct control of 24 or 48 dimmer channels.

The question is, can the FLX be a killer console and take on the might of ETC, Avolites and GrandMA? Is it the X32 of the lighting world? A relatively cheap offering that can do it all and more?Well in its current state sadly the answer is no. All consoles have effects engines, the ability to store palettes or preset focuses and use the comprehensive Zero 88 fixture library. For me personally I started on a very old 2 preset desk with just 6 faders per preset, I have no idea who made it, but it was very basic. This can’t really be said for other desks from Zero 88 in the past. Perhaps it’s just something as simple as a higher resolution, or the faster response times.It’s perhaps not quite up to the standards of Eos with their magic sheets and tombstone design, or some of the other high desk manufacturers. This console is in good working condition. It comes with a littlite and a road case.

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