Инструкция по установке набор cyclone 1200вт 48в

инструкция по установке набор cyclone 1200вт 48в
Compatible with standard 3-wire variable speed hall-effect throttles. Can be hitched/unhitched to any bike within seconds. Many cutting edge mid drive motors such as the Bafang mid drives use this technology. In the pic above, the drive gear has 11-teeth, and the output ring gear has 54-teeth.

Everything that you see in the pictures with the scooter is already installed and included with it. There’s a power button, a plus and a minus symbol that let you choose different levels of assist or navigate menus. View what appliances you can run with this configuration. Проблем с покупкой и получением не возникло в принципе, но это, скорее, заслуга тех, кто продает.В общем и целом, все было в сборе и я стал больше выходных проводить в гараже.

Automatically selects under Voltage protection of 31.5 Volts with 36 Volt battery packs and 42 Volts with 48 Volt battery packs. The controller is built into the motor which means it is a tighter system with less wires to hide. Works with 24, 36, 48, and 60 Volt battery packs.Item # SPD-601000A Wiring Directions $99.95 Replacement Throttle for SPD-601000A Plug-and-play replacement throttle for item # SPD-601000A speed controller sold above.

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