Инструкция dvd-p380kd

инструкция dvd-p380kd
These are both Antec TwoCool 140 fans with speeds of 800RPM to 1200RPM. With the large amount of space within the roof of the P380 it will also accept radiators of 280mm or even 360mm and not just slimline either. This design choice is annoying, since it means that the case has to be tipped on its back or side in order to make the filter accessible. Durable 0.8mm steel with extended clear side panel. Инструкция пользователя даст возможность правильно управлять, а соблюдение правил работы увеличит срок службы техники. With the three TwoCool fans all pre-installed as exhausts, I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting the Performance P380 to stun us with its thermal performance.

With these panels removed, we get a better look at the P380’s twin 140-mm exhaust fans up top, as well as its 120-mm fan at the rear. Looking to the area in the top right, we find a rather oddly placed I/O panel, behind which we find plenty of venting for the pre-installed case fans within the roof. Whilst the window itself isn’t as dominant as the recently reviewed Fractal Design Define S, considering the P380 is substantially larger it’s just the right size. The Molex source can’t tap into motherboard fan controls, so the hub seems best suited to fans with integrated speed control, like Antec’s pre-installed units.

Normally with a panel of this size, you’d tend to find that even once fitted they’ll be a slight hollowness and sometimes even a little flex on the panel itself, whereas the P380 panels feel very well made and solid. Each of the three Antec TwoCool fans feature a two speed manual fan control. Towards the bottom of the case we find an additional two stand-off mounts should you wish to move the fan hub or even add an additional one. The case boasts one slim optical drive bay, three antivibration 3.5″/2.5” removable drive cages (eight 3.5″/2.5” HDD bays).’ The Antec Performance P380 arrived at pcG within a rather large and rather flashy looking box. Perhaps more so given the only way of installing an Optical Disc Drive (Slimline only BTW) would be to use the hard plastic drive tray, which then affixes to the inside of the front panel, thereby obscuring the lower fan mount and partially the middle as well.

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