Инструкция head adapt edge 90

инструкция head adapt edge 90
Maintain boxes at temperature between 18°C and 25°C (64°F e 77°F). Precautions: 1. Do not touch foam and do not stain the skier’s garments. If it happens use hot water. 2. Use protective tools provided. 3. The following instructions must only be performed by qualified Head dealers. Photo 5. Remove the cartridge from the injection gun. 9. Open the buckles and the Velcro strap. 6. To control the flow of foam into the liner, squeeze one tube or the other, helping the distribution of foam by the skier flexing theirs ankles. The respective area should be reshaped slightly more than required, as the shell material will revert after the tool has been removed. • Leave the tool on the reshaped area until the shell has cooled down again completely. When you’re cruising, you’d probably like to do so in comfort, so lefty loosey your way to a cadillac fit. The shell is pressed from the inside towards the outside. Хотя даже и без регулировки Edge считается удобнейшей колодкой на рынке.

The shell can be submersed in water to speed cooling. Tri-INJected Energy Frame — By injecting three different densities of plastic in to the mold, Head provides a boot that can turn just about any ski and fit just about any foot. Secure the new buckles (or buckle teeth) with clamp on the shell.

Skiing performance is the only criteria to evaluate a racing skiboot !!! This is the reason why racing line is offered with new flag colors. Photo 1. 3. If the skier’s foot has bone spurs etc., then apply the protective pads provided inside the liner box. The Edge 90 W’s 80 flex rating is supportive enough for aggressive skiers, but can be dialed back with the flex adjustment.

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