Инструкция sako trg m10

инструкция sako trg m10
The Finnish SAKO TRG sniper rifle family sees considerable widespread service with military and police forces throughout the world. The action was smoooth, no rattling, just perfect. Barrel jacket is drilled and tapped to accept additional lengths of the Picatinny rails at both sides, as required. The contract was awarded in 2013 to Remington Arms for their Modular Sniper Rifle.[27] An 8.6 TKIV 2000 (TRG-42) of the Finnish Defence Forces. Meanwhile, I surfed the ‘Net and found a table with SAKO cartridges on the SAKO homepage.

Top TRG-41 I decided to buy the TRG-41 in .300WinMag. I wanted to have a magnum gun. I thought, if the TRG 21 in .308Win is that precise, the .300WinMag would be similar, but results from other brands were generally worse, according to the data available to me. But my expectations were around 1/4MOA, and this I finally could achieve :-)) As I see it now, the gun is excellent, as expected. The steel parts of the folding stock are manganese phosphatised and the polyurethane parts are coloured olive drab or desert tan. The factory carrying/shooting sling itself features quick mountable and detachable metal swivels. Винтовка комплектуется оптическим прицелом, прицельной планкой STANAG 2324 и съёмными сошками.

TRG-21 Our use of the gun is purely civic; therefore, tactical considerations don’t play a role here nor is it necessary to take military or police requirements into consideration. The remaining 30 TRG-21 rifles were introduced mainly into the 6th Airborne Brigade as well as the 25th Air Assault Brigade. This forward sling attachment point can be (re)positioned along the length of the rail for right- or left-handed use and is fixed with a screw. Sveitsin armeijan Scharfschützengewehr 04 (Sako TRG-42) Sako TRG on Sakon valmistama pulttilukkoinen tarkkuuskivääri. The TRG-41 is chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge and a subvariant of this mark feeds the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge.

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