Кенвуд тм241 инструкция

кенвуд тм241 инструкция
The original design for the battery is very poor and I think done that way so one had to send the radio back to Kenwood and spend even more money to have the battery replaced. I modified mine to make the battery easy to replace. One I bought brand new and the other I got used from a fellow ham. Soldered and screwed everything back together and switched on, to be greeted by a loud clicking noise. A quick investigation followed; of course the binding posts are not insulated, so they where both grounded. Oh dear! They run hot on high power though so don’t get too long winded on high power or you can cook eggs on the heat sink. There is a surprising amount of activity on 2m. Kenwood TM-241 Service Manual Kenwood TM-241 Operator Manual Kenwood TM-241 Eham Review CB (2M!) SWR Meter 2M SWR Meter The station was now missing an antenna.

The receive and transmit was good, but the microphone was a piece of junk. It had a piece of foam in it to actuate the PTT switch inside the mike! I had to fix it because the mike wouldnt TX anymore. The graph below shows historical prices paid by hams over the years. Does the Kenwood tm-241a have a place in it I can find with discriminator out, which I could solder some audio wires to? Sign up to our Newsletter Get the latest news from The DXZone in your email. Mais pour que que ce site continue à vivre nous sollicitons votre aide.Merci! The only problems with this radio is it only has 20 memory channels and relies on an internal battery for memory backup.

Didn’t matter if it was 120 degrees, it worked fine.I eventually had to sell it due to financial problems (Got $110 on ebay).The reason for the 4 you ask? It was an absolute NIGHTMARE to program. It was the most counter intuitive, convoluted programming scheme in the history of radios. There are many options for simple home brew 2m antennas. Discontinued PS-430 Power supply 13.8 VDC. Discontinued RC-10 Multi-function handset remote control. INFO Discontinued RC-20 Full function remote controller.

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