Контроллер dixell wing инструкция

контроллер dixell wing инструкция
Fan speed controller Speed controller to controll pressure and temperature in refrigeration systems including cooling fans. Dixell’s solutions to the recent introduction of food hygiene regulations (HACCP) offer immediate advantages in terms of cost, time and operation of systems. In fluid management applications, it is imperative to have efficient use of power, minimal equipment footprint, and the flexibility of multiple functions. Цифровые контроллеры Dixell для применения в тепловых и холодильных установках со средними и низкими температурами. Программное обеспечение позволяет с легкостью управлять холодильными установками. XR20CX – цифровой контроллер с оттайкой по остановке цикла “off cycle”.XR60CX — цифровой контроллер с регулировкой оттайки компрессора и вентиляторов.

Save time and let us provide you with verified contacts Your Contact Details Convenient Competitive Quotes Choice of Suppliers Payment Protection Top JavaScript is not enabled in your browser. In order to proceed please enable JavaScript in your browser. Air-conditioning: The comfort of the environment in which we live nowadays is an essential element of our everyday life, and air conditioning is a decisive factor in this situation. Food service and cooking: Dixell is equally competent in the field of cooking, just as it is in the field of refrigeration or blast chiller processes used in freshly-cooked food conservation. Temperature controller Temperature controller for temperature, humidity and pressure control in industrial and commercial applications. Explore our products and find the best for your application.Rs 3,500No(s)Approximate Price — Rs 3,500 / No(s) Procon Technologies Pvt. The concepts of integration, remote access, energy savings and functional aesthetics are important considerations in this key field of refrigeration.

Your heating solutions must get the heat in the area where it is most needed, and provide the temperature outputs that allow the system to compensate for changing fluid flow rates. Heatpump/Chiller Compact controller for chillers and heat pumps. Dixell Controllers and Systems are able to give a right answer to any needs in refrigeration and conditioning applications: Industrial refrigeration: industrial refrigeration requires the control of many different conditions to guarantee that products are processed and stored correctly. Multicompressor controller Digital controller for the control of compressors and compressor racks.

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