Пошаговая инструкция пояс для похудения abs-a-round

пошаговая инструкция пояс для похудения abs-a-round
Its ease of deployment coupled with Web-based Wavetrend Smart Analyzer software allows the user to instantly view their readers and tagged assets at any location. With specialist antennas, rangesin excess of 500m can be achieved.) Antenna Type Read Range 304001 ¼ Whip up to 50m 304002 ⅛ Stub- up to 20m 304024 Circular patch up to 150m 304025 Outdoor Whip up to 150m. This reader is ideally suited for both mobile and fixed site applications. Used with a 12V battery and solar cell, the active RFID reader can be used as a standalone reader for application where a wired network connection is not possible, as in typical applications such as construction and farming equipment. The GPRS reader can be deployed on tractor units and can be used as part of a fleet management system. It not only provides the location of the tractor but also provide the customer with tractor trailer identification when combined with asset tags on the trailer. Read ranges will generally be greateroutdoors than indoors.

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