Bostik 6030 инструкция

bostik 6030 инструкция
Tuff Stuff Acorn General Purpose Cleaner Al Actiblend Systems/ Div. of Bullen Midwest, Inc. Excel Feather Wetter Concentrate 3A Excel Tripe Bleach 3C Excel Tripe Wash 3C L-565 Feather Wetter 3A Exsel Industries, Inc. The compounds must always be used at dilutions and according to applicable directions provided on the EPA registered label. II-iii D2. Sanitizers for all surfaces not always requiring a rinse. Hog Scald 3B Tnpe Cleaner 3C Stauffer Wacker Silicone Corporation Emulsion SWS-211 3C Sunrise Environmental Scientific Crisp 3D Surpass Chemical Co., Inc. Under conditions of use, there can be no odor or fragrance left on the hands. E2. Handwashing and sanitizing compounds. Lass-o 10% Sodium Hypochlorite Sol- ution 3D Lee Mark Company Code 3-90^ 2A Leonard, W. F. Company, Inc.

Preparations consisting only of the substances listed below may be used for denaturing carcasses, parts thereof, meat and meat food products intended for disposal for purposes other than human food. Carbon (purified charcoal) Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) Diatomaceous earth Fuller’s earth Sodium carbonate Tannic acid 3. Rendering Agents. Clnr A3 Formula 553 Powdered Bleach Bl Formula 578 Pressure Wash Det A I Formula 580 Steam Cleaner Al Formula 581 H.D Steam Clnr Al Formula 586 Liq Conveyor Lubrcnt H2 Formula 612 Liq Acid Cleaner A3 Formula 626 Drain Cleaner LI Formula 629 Gen. Spray Code723.51 Fl Alleviate Oil Concentrate Fl Alleviate l-0.5FoodPlantSpray Code721.41 Fl Alleviate 25 — 5 M.A.G.C Fl Alleviate 25-5 M.A.G.C Fl Aqueous Food Plant Pyrn. The compounds must be used in a manner so that all odors associated with the compounds are dissipated before food products or packaging materials are re-exposed in the area. B. COMPOUNDS FOR LAUNDRY USE Bl. Laundry compounds.

The Original Ail-Purpose Cleaner Al Aim-Chem Enterprises, Inc. Antiseptic Lotion Hand Soap El Emulsion Bowl Cleaner C2 Liquid Porcelain Cleaner C2 Lotion Hand Soap El Open Up LI Power Cleaner A4 Pressure Washer Degreaser Cleaner … Al Window Shine CI Acme Soap, Inc. Preparations consisting only of tricalcium phosphate and/or trisodium phosphate may be used to aid in rendering animal fats in amounts sufficient for purpose without authorization by PAD. The container label must identify all ingredients present. 4. Antifoaming Agents. These compounds must be used in accordance with the conditions for residual insecticides set forth in Section 8.48 of the Meat and Poultry Inspection Manual. Troy 1136 FP 3B Troy 1140FP 3B.3D Troy 1141 FP 3B.3D Troy 2006 FP 3A.3B Troy 2022 Anti-Foam Emulsion 5C Troy 2086 FP 5C 1136 FP Additive 3A Tulco Oils, Inc.

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