Casio 5160 инструкция

That means Pro Trek pieces offer a slight edge in usability and legibility. Timekeeping Mode E-4 Timekeeping Mode • Pressing C in the Timekeeping Mode illuminates the display for about two seconds. While the displays are different, functionality is the same.

This watch’s lap memory can store up to 10 records in memory, each record including the lap and split time. Clearly I don’t cover each new G-Shock model, but I make it a point to notice the best new pieces from Casio that continue to offer more of what we love in what is arguably the world’s most useful collection of timepieces. 3 190 руб.Коротко о товарекварцевые наручные часымужские отображение времени стрелками и цифрамикорпус из стали и пластикабраслет: пластикводонепроницаемость: WR100 (плавание, ныряние без акваланга) будильникУвеличитьбесплатно, сегодняСамовывоз5 190 руб.
WS300-7BV — Sports | Casio USA Actual colors may vary The perfect watch for every runner. Having said that, more good news is that, from what I can tell, Casio included the Version 3 Triple Sensor module into the GW9400 Casio G-Shock watch. From a durability, functionality, and style perspective, this is one hard watch to beat.

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