Crocodoc инструкция

crocodoc инструкция
Assignments – Assignment Link When a student submits an online assignment, there is now a clear link for students to view and download their submission(s). The download link is shown below the submission details links. This option is available in course Settings under the Course Details tab. On the right-hand navigation, click on the button titled Validate Links in Content. Inline Grading with Crocodoc Blackboard uses a third-party tool known as Crocodoc which converts Word documents and other file types to a format that can be read by your browser. Gradebook – Percent Symbol in Percentage-based Assignments When an instructor displays an assignment grade as a percentage, the percent sign appears in the Gradebook column.

Users with IU Guest accounts can log into Canvas via the Canvas gateway page, but cannot use the Canvas mobile apps. Given the daemon’s PID filepath and how to start/stop the daemon, Monit will check that the process exists every 60 seconds and start it anew if it is not found. With this feature instructors have greater control on sifting out smaller matches, allowing them to focus on larger, more problematic and suspect matches within Originality Reports.

Assignment – Optional Assignment Settings When creating a paper assignment, the Instructor may select to view and change any of the advanced assignment options. Groups: A resource for posting questions to specific Canvas community groups, or posting solutions based on your experiences in forums such as Higher Education, K-12, Instructional Designers, and more. This feature of assignment creation provides instructors with the ability to control the option whether bibliographic material will automatically be excluded from Originality Reports.

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