Only looks инструкция по приминению

only looks инструкция по приминению
Use the UP key to turn ON of Timed and change level of Delay between shots.Also this is your standard mode of operation and will allow you to quickly and easily Zoom IN and OUT. Menu > Capture contains a number of settings for Video and Photo Capture. The combination of a stick shift and four-wheel drive feels elemental in the Renegade’s boxy wrapper, like the kind of Jeep that kids have been taking to ­college for decades. Focusing X-Sight X-Sight HD focuses as follows: Diopter Adjustment — Do not take the Rubber Cap off the Objective lens. Screw clockwise until finger tight. Do not over tighten as it will be difficult to remove the next time you replace batteries. NOTEWe highly recommend using lithium AA batteries. Movement between the items is carried out using the LEFT & RIGHT buttons NOTE:Remember that turning on Night Mode during daylight will not harm your device, however you may not be able to see anything due to the image being too bright. You can choose preferred Сolor Theme or adjust the Light Sensitivity in the System Menu (Night Vision section). To enter the System Menu you should open Shortcut Carousel with CENTER button and select the wrench icon with RIGHT or LEFT buttons .Then push CENTER button to enter the menu.

Menu > Display > Day/Night Mode — these same settings may be adjusted in your Home Screen Day/Night ICON. Day/Night Mode — DAY or NIGHT selection are possible. Quantity:1 2 3 Quantity:1 Add to Basket Other Sellers on Amazon Add to Basket £53.32 + FREE UK delivery Sold by: bargainsstore Add to Basket £53.38 + FREE UK delivery Sold by: ShopMazo Add to Basket £49.40 + £3.98 UK delivery Sold by: A bag is a part of your Looks Have one to sell? Please remember the adjustments should be performed in darkness or semi darkness (an IR beam is greatly diminished and may not be noticeable at all during daylight conditions).You can change the position of the IR control panel to meet your needs.

Put the cap back into place.The IR850 illuminator has a control panel with two buttons. To switch the IR illuminator on/off press “+” and “–” buttons simultaneously. Installation of batteries The X-Sight HD will operate on four AA type batteries. Distance Focus — Remove the Cap from the Objective Lens. When the update counter reaches “100%” the device will automatically restart.

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