Proxxon bsg 220 инструкция

proxxon bsg 220 инструкция
Precision made in Europe.Splash guard and chip collecting tray for PD 230/EMade from 1.5 mm thick sheet metal, powder coated. Weight 130g. NO 28 594 Additional sandpaper for PS 13 Three sheets, each with 20 pads in different shapes. Housing is made of glass-fibre reinforced POLYAMIDE. Complete with screw clamp and with 5 x 120 grit and 240 grit grinding bands. May be used with PD 230/E, PF/FF 230, PD 400, PF/FF 400, face plate 24 412 and KT 150. Supplied in wooden box with sliding lid.

Depth of cut to 13mm. A special slot is provided to clamp HO model tracks. Sensitive mechanical feed ensures correct glue quantity delivery. Solid, hard-chromed steel column, 340mm high, 20mm diameter. Eight collets (one each 2.0 — 2.5 — 3.0 — 4.0 — 5.0 — 6.0 — 8.0 and 10mm) are included.

Set consists of 2 stepped blocks and clamps, Tslot nuts of the MICROMOT standard (11.5 x 11 x 4mm), bolts. Extremely sharp and very easy to handle: the material can be worked without physical effort no matter whether it is cut with or against the grain. Even the smallest items may be cut cleanly, obviating subsequent finishing: a table indicates the recommended speeds for various materials. Technical data for GG 12: Direct voltage 12 – 18V. Length 145mm.

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