Stoneridge se5000 exakt duo руководство инструкция

stoneridge se5000 exakt duo руководство инструкция
This helps them to stay legal, optimise their time on the road and adapt to any changes in their journey. These ensure drivers know exactly how long they’ve been working for, meaning fewer infringements and fewer costly fines. Information must be downloaded every 90 days from the digital tachograph; and every 28 days from the driver card. Тахограф ADR. Данные, сохраняющиеся на карте водителя и в тахографе. And, because the digiDL removes the need fortime-consuming manual downloads, you’ll gain more driving time too. Next month, we will be looking in depth at the symbols (pictograms) you come across on the digital tachograph screens, and what they mean.

And with its remote download capabilities it also works together with Stoneridge’s digiDL remote download solution to make fleets more efficient, saving time with manual downloading. Предупреждения ЦТ (состояние происшествий и поломок). Помощник ЦТ и обслуживание. Краткое руководство по цифровому тахографу SE5000 для водителя | Загрузить — PDF, 1.25 MB Страницы дисплея водителя.

Regulations on drivers’ hours have been put in place first and foremost to ensure that roads are safe for all drivers. More information on Driver Hours can be found on the GOV UK website. This is to ensure your records are being collected accurately.

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