Yamaha exciter 270 инструкция

yamaha exciter 270 инструкция
For example, you can adjust recorded notes to precise eighth or sixteenth notes. • Changes are made by song. When the engine starts and the camshaft is rotating at speed the weight/s will sling out. Otherwise, press the [EXIT] button to return to the main screen. Use a drive whose compatibility has been confirmed by Yamaha (page 60). You tried to copy or delete data in internally-protected files (such as commercially available music data). You cannot write to, copy, or delete such files. Turning iAFC on/off [iAFC] See the procedure on page 69. Page 82 Detailed settings for iAFC [iAFC SETTING] Adjusting the Spatial Effect depth [SpatialFX Depth] Spatial Effect is one type of the iAFC effect.

Page 114: Handling The Floppy Disk Drive (fdd) And Floppy Disks (optional) • To maintain the disk drive in optimum working order Yamaha recommends that you use a commercially-avail- able dry-type head cleaning disk to clean the head about once a month. The reverse bucket is seen in the deployed position. See the procedure on page 69. Quantize Strength= 50% Notes for which you can adjust the timing:… Page 73 Detailed settings for recording and playback [FILE/SONG SETTING] Auditioning the channels [ChannelListen] You can select a single channel to listen to its con- tents. Also some information can apply to Chinese «clone» engines from ATVs, pit bikes and scooters that use the popular Honda horizontal and vertical engines. As I come across common questions or requests I may posts visual documents here. You can just listen to these songs (page 20) or use them for practice (page 22). You can also refer to the included “50 greats for the Piano” booklet that con- tains the scores for 50 piano preset songs. Always rating can cause extensive electrical shield eyes when working near bat- system damage and possible fire.

Page 22: Basic Boating Rules, Rules Of The Road RULES OF THE ROAD right-of-way; it is called the «stand-on» Your Yamaha Jet Boat is legally consid- vessel. Please assemble in accor- dance with the sequence given below. • Assembly should be carried out by at least two persons. •… Page 110 CLP-280/270: Keyboard Stand Assembly Attach B. Insert B between E and F as shown in the illus- tration. Page 29: Combining Two Voices (dual Mode) Combining two voices (Dual mode) You can play two voices simultaneously across the entire range of the keyboard. In this way, you can simulate a melody duet or combine two similar voices to create a thicker sound. The optimal iAFC effect cannot be obtained if this speaker is blocked. iAFC uses Yamaha’s EMR (Electronic Microphone Rotator) technology to ensure stability against acoustic feedback. Page 41 Changing a voice or tempo after recording You can change the voice and tempo after recording to change a song’s feel or to set a more suitable tempo. Captions below describe the information or models it covers.

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