Инструкция asus p4ge

Visit the ASUS website for updates. 5.2.1 Running the support CD To begin using the support CD, simply insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. For some languages, not all events have a corresponding message due to file size constraints. Только будьте внимательны, не забывайте, что имеет значение не только название процессора, но и тип ядра, на котором он основан и даже его ревизия.

The recovered BIOS may not be the latest BIOS version for this motherboard. The default [10/15] is the minimum fan speed ratio. Кроме обязательных компонент есть различные мелочи, типа наклейки с логотипом Asustek и пакетика с дополнительными перемычками. Motherboard Info The window displays the general specifications of the P4GE-V motherboard. This Line Out (lime) jack connects a headphone or a speaker.
Page 29 FP_AUDIO ® P4GE-MX P4GE-MX Front panel audio connector 8. Chassis intrusion connector (4-1 pin CHASSIS1) This lead is for a chassis designed with intrusion detection feature. Make sure that the fan and retention mechanism assembly perfectly fits the heatsink and module base, otherwise you cannot snap the hooks into the holes. Для небольшой квартиры, или небольшого дома, это отличный вариант. Note that LBA Mode is necessary for drives with more than 504MB storage capacity. Configuration options: [7] [6] [5] ASUS P4GE-MX motherboard 2-15… Page 48 DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay [3] Sets the latency between the DRAM active command and the R/W command. Page 123: Multi-channel Audio Feature 6. Click the Test button to display the Test Listening Environment window. 7. Click the arrow under Select Audio Path to display a list of options.

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