Siemens openstage sl4 professional инструкция

siemens openstage sl4 professional инструкция
Page 11 World Clock Date/Time Tap with the stylus on the year. Set the data transfer to the PC. Device-specific setting options (see page 78). The device settings can also be opened using the icon in the system area of the taskbar. Subsequently, a number of important basic settings are requested. Page 40: Activating Or Deactivating The Ringer, Activating Or Deactivating The Warning Tone Setting the handset Step by Step Activating or deactivating the ringer Deactivating the ringer Hold down the key until a confirmation tone is emitted. Gigaset M2 Ex profes- sional detects whether an Ex battery pack or a normal battery pack is in- serted.

Page 31 Establishes the Internet connection, starts the Web browser (see page 49) and opens your default Homepage. Save Advisory tones The advisory tones have the following meaning:… Page 36: Setting The Vibration Alert, Setting Ringing Tones And Pictures With Resource Directory Setting the handset Step by Step u v Define the setting. s Move the cursor down one line. Page 103: Selecting A Base, Speed Access To Functions And Phone Numbers Additional functions Step by Step Selecting a base If your handset is registered at multiple bases, then you can set a specific base or the base with the best recep- tion as the base to be used. Activating the ringer Hold down the key until a confirmation tone is emitted. Page 110: Bluetooth Interface Additional functions Step by Step Bluetooth interface If you have installed a Bluetooth interface on your PC, you can also communicate with the MPM application via the Bluetooth interface on your handset.

Copy Press the On-hook key to end the operation. When the key is allocated two functions, press the right or left side of the key to select the corresponding function. Page 48: Resetting The Defaults Setting the handset Step by Step Resetting the defaults This function allows you to reset your mobile phone to the defaults, for example, if you want to pass it on to someone else or reset it. Calibra- tion is necessary to allow the touch-sensitive screen to react correctly to the pressure point. Page 75 For example, select colors for the desktop and title bars of dialog boxes. Page 66 You can add even more functionality to your SIMpad by installing third-par- ty software. A wide variety of commercial software is available for the Windows for Handheld PC 2000 operating system, ranging from business applications to games and entertainment.

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