Инструкция на sony hcd-h771

инструкция на sony hcd-h771
The characteristic is that the beams are bundled in the middle. This, however, isnt worth if the player cost about 100 Euro. In the following, I will explain step by step how you can try to get the CD-player started and work properly. Electrostatic sensitive modules are identified by this symbol: ATTENTION Electronic components and modules must always be protected against electric charging and discharging. For some models, using the buttons on a supplied remote control will not disable the demonstration mode. If model-specific information is needed to complete any of these steps, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product. Class IIIa lasers pose an eye hazard with prolonged exposure, and should not be directed towards the eyes or face, and should never directed into or out of a moving vehicle. After you have found the potentiometer turn it very carefully! and, simultaneously, observe the HF-signal. ATTENTION If you turn up the potentiometer too quickly the laser might get too much current and the laser diode will break.

Eject CD and switch off CD-player. In this way you can easily approach the lens. Furthermore, we need a test CD and a black gum tape approx. 0.9 mm broad and impervious to light. Различные предустановленные эквалайзеры, отдельная система усиления басов и большая кнопка «Groove», делающая звук еще более деревянным, караоке и пара диджейских примочек, типа возможности закольцевать определенный кусок песни прямо во время воспроизведения. You might have to remove the hplastic part above the laser to reveal the lens.

This is obviously not the complete list of every single Sony code. If you have any additions or corrections to this list, please e-mail me. 5 days, not too bad to get those Blu-ray codes. Here they are displayed only blurred. NOTE The HF signal is mostly positioned where the main printed circuit board is connected to the laser via the flat cable.NOTE Unfortunately, the laser life is reduced by increasing the laser current. Just a comment to the electrical alignment: The service manuals often describe how to activate the service mode.

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