Sony dvcam dsr-390 инструкция

sony dvcam dsr-390 инструкция
The five factory preset files Standard, High Saturation, Fluorescent, Film-like and S-VHS/VHS allow operators to instantly setup the camera to match particular shooting conditions. Advanced White Balance Techniques: Sometimes it can be useful to use a white balance colour temperature that may be different from the actual colour temperature of the scene. White Balance Switch and White Balance Set Button on FS700Manual White Balance: This is sometimes misunderstood, but when done correctly will give the most accurate results. Hyper Gain At the flick of a switch, the Hyper Gain function enables shooting in the dark by drastically boosting the electronic gain. Preset White: Preset White allows you to pre set the colour temperature manually.

Flexible Image Controls The DSR-450WSP provides highly advanced image control features available only on high-end studio cameras. Using the Viewfinder (VF) Menu system, the Hyper Gain level can be set to a maximum of 42 dB for the DSR-570WS, or 36 dB for the DSR-390. This allows shooting in as low as 0.25 lx and 0.4 lx respectively. Low colour temperature light sources like a filament light bulb are at the red or orange end of the visible light spectrum while hotter light sources like an arc lamp or the sun are at the blue end of the light spectrum. DVCAM Camcorder dsr390pl dsr390p dsr-390 buy A compact and powerful solution for both field and studio applications Ever since their introduction, the Sony DSR-500WS Series and DSR-300 Series of Digital Camcorders have shown the many distinct advantages of using the DVCAM format in the field. Camera Setup Files A total of eight camera-setup files are provided and displayed by the Viewfinder Menu system.

Today, they are in service around the world in a variety of applications, from video journalism and newsgathering to event videography, field and studio production, independent moviemaking and much more. What to avoid: Try to avoid mixing different light sources with different colour temperatures. Special attention to their ergonomic designs has resulted in extremely lightweight and compact units, providing maximum operational comfort when used on the shoulder or mounted on a tripod. The distance between the CA-D50 Camera Adaptor and CCU-D50P Camera Control Unit can be extended to a maximum 200 m by providing a separate low loss coaxial video cable to carry the SDI signal between the two units. For example a person sat close to a window, lit by a filament light will be illuminated by the orange 3,200K light from the lamp as well as the blue 5,600K light from outside. The DSR-390 is a high-quality DVCAM camcorder designed specifically for 4:3 aspect ratio acquisition.

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